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Food Equipment Consulting

food equipment consulting

  • A consultant (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area of expertise such as management, accountancy, the environment, entertainment, technology, law (

  • (Consultant (medicine)) In the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and parts of the Commonwealth, consultant is the title of a senior doctor who has completed all of his or her specialist training and been placed on the specialist register in their chosen specialty.

  • The business of giving specialist advice to other professionals, typically in financial and business matters

  • (consultant) adviser: an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"

  • The necessary items for a particular purpose

  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items

  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.

  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service

  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.

  • Mental resources

  • anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking

  • any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment; "food and drink"

  • Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth

  • any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue

food equipment consulting - China Foods,

China Foods, Beverages & Tobacco Production Equipment Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC3631

China Foods, Beverages & Tobacco Production Equipment Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC3631

Through a comparative analysis on the development of foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report provides key data and concise analyses on the foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry in China, a list of top 20 enterprises in the sector as well as the comparison on investment environment in top 10 hot regions. In addition, the report truly reflects the position of foreign enterprises in foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry across China based on a comprehensive comparison of operating conditions among different enterprise types.

This report includes the data for the year 2010, 2009 and 2008.

This report is based on Chinese industry classification (Industrial Classification For National Economic Activities, GB/T 4754-2002).

Additionally, by original creation of ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index, the report directly shows the difference in various regions of Mainland China in terms of foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry, providing an important reference for investors' selection of target regions to make investment.

What will you get from this report?
To get a comprehensive picture on distribution of and difference in performance in regions of Mainland China in terms of the foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry;
To figure out the hot regions in China for foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry, find out the potential provinces and cities suitable for investment as well as the economic development level and investment environment in these regions;
To get a clear picture on the overall development, industry size and growth trend of foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry across China in the past 3 years;
To get a clear picture on development status of foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises in recent years as well as the industry position of the above ownerships;
Present you with a list of top 20 enterprises inside the industry;
Regions Covered By This Report
All the 31 provincial regions in Mainland China;
Top 20 cities in terms of foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry.
Enterprise Types Covered By This Report
Top 20 enterprises;
Enterprises Funded by Foreign Countries (territories), Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan;
Chinese State-owned Enterprises;
Collective-owned Enterprises;
Cooperative Enterprises;
Joint-Equity Enterprises;
Private Enterprises.
ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index

It is an indicator through aggregate weighted computation based on the three authority statistics of enterprise numbers, sales revenue and profit by region and corporate ownership, and in accordance with the regional distribution of leading enterprises inside the sector. Through horizontal comparison on the foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry development in different provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, the ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index is specially designed to truly reflect the conditions of regional distribution for the foods, beverages & tobacco production equipment mfg. industry, providing a quantitative, visual and reliable reference for relevant users to make decisions. The ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index adopts a hundred mark system. For a certain region, the higher the score, the higher the distribution concentration in this region and the industry position of the region shall be more important.

Key Statistic Indicators Covered By This Report
Industrial Output
Number Of Employees
Enterprise Number
Sales Revenue
Rate Of Return On Sales
Rate Of Return On Assets
Rate Of Return On Net Assets
Number Of Enterprises In Red
Range Of Loss
Total Losses
Percentage Of Foreign-Funded And HK-, Macau-, Taiwan-Funded Enterprises In Terms Of The Sales Revenue
Percentage Of Foreign-Funded Enterprises In All Foreign-Funded Enterprises And HK-, Macau-, Taiwan-Funded Enterprises In Terms Of The Sales Revenue
Growth Rate Of GDP
GDP Per Capita
Growth Rate Of GDP Per Capita
Growth Rate Of The Added Value Of Primary Industry
Growth Rate Of The Added Value Of Secondary Industry
Growth Rate Of The Added Value Of The Tertiary Industry
Industrial Value-Added Of Enterprises Above Designated Size
Growth Rate Of Industrial Value-Added Of Enterprises Above Designated Size
Industrial Products Sales Rate Of Enterprises Above Designated Size
Growth Rate Of Industrial Value-Added Of Foreign-, And HK-, Macau-, Taiwan-Funded Enterprises
Investment On Fixed-Assets
Growth Rate Of Investment On Fixed-Assets
Total Retail Sales Of Consumer Goods
Growth Rate Of Total Retail Sales Of Consumer Goods
Total Import & Export
Growth Rate Of Total Import & Export
Realized Foreign Direct Investment
Growth Rate Of Realized Foreign Direct Investment
Urban Per Capita Disposable Income
Rural Per-Capita Net Income
Freight Mileage
Growth Rate Of Freight Mileage
Port Cargo Throughput
Growth Rate Of Port Cargo Throughput
Resident Population

81% (10)

Chopper Time

Chopper Time

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 .
I got to Invermere last night at 10:05 which was 40 minutes late. The guy in the store where the greyhound dropped me off called the local cab for me and some other guy named Rocky. Rocky was a rather interesting character, he looked around 45 and was obviously impaired by the affects of alcohol. He appeared quite distressed that his friends left him in Calgary the night before when he got drunk and picked up a lady friend at the local bar. He kept telling me “boy I fucked up this time”. When I used the term local cab I did mean that in the singular, as in there is only one. When the guy called I guess he didn’t specify where we were going because the cabby was under the impression we were getting a ride to the bar which was a 5 minute walk. When we explained we wanted to get to Panorama he said, oh, I can’t do that, I’ve got 4 other people schedualed to be picked up. I asked for another cab and he said “I’m it, I am the local cab”. The guy said that he probably wouldn’t be back to take us in for about an hour so I told Rocky that I was just gonna thumb it. For the first time in my life, I hitch hiked!!! I find it way more effective to hitch hike with a $10 in your hand. Rocky hitched with me and pitched for the ride and we both went our separate ways when we got to panorama but we both had intentions on going to the crazy horse saloon and we met up there and he bought me a beer.
I drank my beer quickly and left so I could wake up nice and early for boarding the next morning and before bed I checked my cell messages and I had one from a lady named Judy, who worked for R.K. heliski in panorama. She explained that there would be a cancellation for a heli lift the next day and I could pick up a ticket at a discounted price. I had a limited amount of money left but this being the opportunity of a life time, really had my heart set on doing this. I went to the heli-ski lodge for 8 am and weighed in. With all my gear on, boots, jacket, snowpants, gloves, toque, goggles. I weighed in at 244 and everyone suddenly had a solemn look on their faces like they were about to tell me I was going to die. Apparently there are weight restrictions for this kind of thing and I was pushing the total weight for the chopper by 23 pounds. There was some deliberation between the employees and they consulted the pilot and he gave the OK. Today, I went heli-skiing which ran me a total of close to $550 for 4 runs. After some safety training on how to manage avalanche equipment we took a bus 18 kilometers to the helipad. My self and 10 old german men piled into the helicopter and our guide (Matt) closed the door and the helicopter began taking off. This was also my first helicopter ride and it was pretty damn cool just being in the helicopter flying over the mountains. The powder was amazing. I’ve never ridden anything like it. The conditions were a little bit cloudy and we couldn’t get as high as we wanted but the snow was still perfect. The group of Germans were all OK skiers except for one who was definitely an expert, but most of them were a touch slow and I couldn’t be nearly as aggressive as I would have preferred. For the price, I think I would plan it as a private affair in the future which runs 5000 dollars for 4 people and you get a full day of boarding out of it. I was done my fourth run by 1:30pm and when the group was asked if they wanted to continue they all said yes. I also said yes but I did not have any more money to go further so they kind of locked me up in the side seat of the helicopter while Duncan (the pilot) flew around picking up different groups until they were all done. Flying around in the chopper was really cool because apparently Duncan forgot I was there, and when Duncan runs low on fuel, he likes to have fun in the chopper apparently. Whenever he finished unloading a group he would fly at super high speeds and at one point the helicopter was actually on it’s side and I was staring down at the earth. It was very cool.
I got back to the central administration office for Panorama and collected my bags which had been stored there after checkout and I hitch hiked back to Invermere because apparently the shuttle had conveniently broken down. Only two cars went by before a lady pulled over to pick me up. I opened the back of her pickup truck which had a cover and was greeted by a German Sheppard. It startled me and took me off guard but the dog didn’t bark so I just put my stuff in and hopped in. The lady explained her dog was an avalanche dog, trained to find people or their belongings when they get lost in the mountains. I got to Invermere nice and early and decided to hang out at the local Laundromat and put my soaking wet clothes in the dryer. I left the Laundromat and went to sobeys to grab some food and was offered a ride from an old lady buying her groceries to the bus stop. The bus arrived 10 minutes early and I went to grab my bus tickets which for some odd reason I c

Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Abandon bus in the woods near Livingston TX. Reminded me of the book about a young man searching for life!

Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 – mid-August, 1992) was an American wanderer who adopted the name Alexander Supertramp and hiked into the Alaskan wilderness with little food and equipment, hoping to live a period of solitude. Almost four months later, he died of starvation near Denali National Park and Preserve.

Don't think you can get there on your own. Read, consult and prepare for the journey

food equipment consulting

food equipment consulting

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

When the landmark best-seller Flawless Consulting was first published more than three decades ago, it was quickly adopted as the "consultant's bible." With his legendary warmth and passion, Peter Block explained how to deal effectively with clients, peers, and others. The book continues to speak to people in a support function inside organizations as well as to external consultants.
This thoroughly revised and updated third edition of Peter Block's groundbreaking book explores the latest thinking on consultation. It includes new insights about how we can organize our consulting around discovering the strengths, positive examples, and gifts of the client organization or community. The book remains a practical and specific guide for anyone who needs to develop a capacity for deeper relatedness and partnership -- which means it is for all who wish to make a real difference in the world.
This new edition covers the consulting challenges that have arisen from the way we routinely communicate electronically and live in the virtual world. Block suggests ways to overcome the distancing and isolating effects inherent in electronic connects. The book also includes practical guidance on how to ask better questions, gives suggestions for dealing with difficult clients, and contains expanded guidelines on more engaging forms of implementation.
Flawless Consulting includes two new examples, taken from health care and educational reform efforts, to show how consulting skills can be useful (and often transformative) in a broader context. These illustrative examples point the way for achieving changes for leadership in business, government, religion, human services, and more.
Like the first two editions, Flawless Consulting affirms the notion that authentic behavior and personal relationships are the key to technical and business success. By demonstrating their ability to be truly authentic at each step in the process, consultants can aim toward creating workplaces that are more collaborative and ultimately more successful.

Praise for the third edition of Flawless Consulting:
"Consulting at its best is about action and interaction, relationships and results. In a highly readable guide that is both inspirational and practical, Peter Block leads consultant and client together through a proven approach to realize their future."
--Samuel R. Strickland chief financial and administrative officer, Booz Allen Hamilton
"Surpasses the high standards of relevance, clarity, and wisdom characteristic of previous versions. . . . Whether one's consulting experience spans five years or fifty, there is a great deal in this new edition to prompt us to reflect on our own practice and to discuss with colleagues."
--Roger Harrison independent consultant and author of Consultant's Journey: A Dance of Work and Spirit and The Collected Papers of Roger Harrison
"Peter Block has written a masterful third edition of his masterpiece, Flawless Consulting. Important additions to the third edition are the strength-based strategies that many are beginning to use . . . in solving seemingly intractable problems in health care and other industries. They are featured in a new Chapter Twelve and form a common thread that runs through this entire path-breaking book."
--Jon C. Lloyd, MD, FACS senior associate, Positive Deviance Initiative; clinical advisor, Plexus Institute
"Peter's masterwork, Flawless Consulting, has been my go-to guide since the first edition. . . . Flawless Consulting is not just a practical, useful, and inviting book for practitioners. It's all those things, but it's also a book about some of the most vexing issues we face when consulting to organizations?issues of resistance, truth, doubt, vulnerability, and accountability. If you find yourself giving advice to people making choices, then this book is a must-have for you. Buy it today, use it tomorrow."
--Jim Kouzes award-winning coauthor of the best-selling The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership, and Dean's Executive Professor of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
"My company uses this book as our primary guide to consultant skills. Interestingly, our most experienced consultants value the insights from Flawless Consulting the most. It has made a big difference in how we think about and work with clients."
--T?nnes Ingebrigtsen, CEO, mnemonic as

The second edition of Peter Block's Flawless Consulting gracefully updates what many consider the best resource of its kind. New chapters on implementation, "whole-system" strategies, and ethics are included, but in general it simply fine-tunes Block's proven advice to match the transformations that business and society have undergone since initial publication two decades ago. "The days of long studies and expert-driven answers are passing," the author proclaims in his new preface. "The task of the consultant is increasingly to build the capacity of clients to make their own assessments and answer their own questions." He then subtly modifies his established recommendations accordingly for every step, from the initial client meeting and problem diagnosis through data collection and the execution of solutions. In the section on "Conducting a Group Feedback Meeting," for example, he advises: "Treat the group as a collection of individuals.... Ask each person what he or she wants from the meeting. This will surface differences and force the group to take responsibility for some of the difficulties that may arise." --Howard Rothman

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